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Service, parts, cost & recommendations from YourMechanic. For instance, if the oil change interval is every 5,000 miles consider rotating the tires every 10,000 and performing brake checks at the same time. Our servicing happens every 5000 KM with an oil change at 15000 KM. In the school bus industry, gasoline fuel is considered an alternative fuel (alternative to diesel). We recommend you use fluid analysis as the primary method for determining fluid change intervals. BharatBenz expands bus segment; rolls out new 16T intercity coach The coach also offers oil change and gearbox oil change intervals of 100,000 km. Its coming out tomorrow. 05 Out of Service - A school bus which is out of compliance with the safety requirements of this Rule and the Arkansas School Bus Inspection Handbook. . A diesel oil change is a regular part of the maintenance required of your diesel vehicle. It can be used to perform a If you have to run extended oil change intervals, run a full synthetic oil. Our v10 engine is clean when I make the oil change. Engine was dissassembled to repair a cooling system fault (completely unrelated to the oil!), and there was no excess wear or sludge -- so obviously the interval is appropriate. School Bus Body and Chassis Mounted Parts · School Bus  11 Jan 2019 their class with up to 45,000-mile** oil and fuel filter change intervals. 3. 8L engine, proper fill is 7 quarts including oil filter. Japan and other international markets. The oil and oil filter change intervals for your engine are based on the use of recommended oil quality and viscosity, as well as high-quality filters such as ISUZU genuine oil filters. MAINTENANCE REQUIRED. To schedule an appointment for maintenance,  IC Bus (originally IC Corporation) is an American bus manufacturer that produces yellow school . Make all service intervals mileage multiples of a common denominator. The DPF should be cleaned at regular manufacturers' recommended intervals or if there has been a failure where as oil or coolant has been put into the exhaust system and contaminated the DPF. miles on it and have only needed to change the oil and replace the  Seems a terrible waste of oil to change at 6 months but if we want our . For years, recommended oil drain intervals have been based on a set distance and/or time period. See the appropriate Operation and Maintenance manual to determine the appropriate drain interval for your engine and application. Shortened drain intervals can be required with monograde oils, as determined by close monitoring of the oil condition with scheduled oil sampling. Refer to the OEM operator manual for oil change instructions. NOTE: Local conditions, severity of operation or duty cycle may require more or less frequent fluid change intervals that differ from the published recommended fluid change intervals of Allison Transmission. It also meets 2017 greenhouse gas (GHG17) standards. Home Heavy Duty Oil/Lube Filters Cummins ISC 8. blue bird (bbcv) vision w/cummins diesel maintenance required interval engine oil change 6 months 20,000 miles 550 hours 2000 gallons of fuel (whichever comesfirst) coolant test annually drain/flush/fill as needed filter change 6 months or 1000 hours coolant test annually additive as required Value Recognition Report City School Bus Fleet Account History: A city school operates a fleet of 140 International buses. Transmission filters should be changed during regular transmission lube change intervals. This is typically only needed if the DPF has not been maintained. This template has a free download option. Brake Inspection Policy: All vehicles used in student transportation will receive a brake Only an estimated 16% of DPF's need to be baked. Plus, the Association for Talent Development ranked our professional ASE®-certified training program #2 in the The following is a summary of maintenance items by periodic maintenance intervals. The above reviews of records will serve as a good indicator of the use of the designated records Oil still looks great when I checked it the other day. Parents depend on the bus being there to pick up their children and deliver them back home after school. 4. General Overview: Service Interval – Change Oil Indicator . Facilities Maintenance Task Force, National Forum on Education Statistics (2003) National Center for Education Statistics, Washington, DC. 3 does not specify inspection, maintenance, or repair intervals because such intervals are fleet specific and, in some instances, vehicle specific. Since I normally put on less than 5000 miles I am safe and the MH is always stored right after the oil change so it has fresh oil in it for the winter. 1. BCSD expects to see its ROI for the propane buses in four years. This Site Might Help You. Getting the right oil for your car is key to ensuring your transmission operates as designed and maintains performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. BUS 1 . Every 25,000 miles (40 000 km) or the fleet maintenance interval, whichever comes first Every 25,000 miles School Bus. Many Diesel Engines are bolted to an Allison Transmission for reliable automatic shifting and doing proper services to the transmission is a great way to make sure the transmission runs without For engine oil and filters, the new recommended maintenance intervals add 10,000 miles to the previous life of an oil change for each of three duty cycles – long haul, regional haul and heavy Drain Intervals Correct oil and filter change intervals must be maintained for each specific Cummins® engine model. Oil and Oil Filters What is the oil capacity for a 8. I guess I just know too The 1986 International school bus (also known as the Yetibus) is Kyle’s full-time home. ENGINE OIL CHANGE - Always use SG quality oil of 10W-30 viscosity. to effectively monitor your bus fleet engines and transmissions through “State of the Art” oil analysis. RE: Why has Ford switched to 5w20 motor oil? Is it as protective as 5w30? Ford now uses a thinner 5w20 oil in my new 2010 Ford Focus,(and most other Ford models) but a google search of 5w20 oil --reveals that many believe Ford did this to increase their CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) because the thinner 5w20 oil increases gas mileage---at the expense of longer OIL CHANGE INTERVALS . The old oil still looks, feels and smells fine but should obviously be changed. Probably add So, while two ­filters can have the same micron rating, the actual efficiency rating might vary widely between the two filters. g. Engine Oil and Filter Change* 6,000 15,000 20,000 Fuel Filter Change 18,000 30,000 30,000 Valve Lash Adjustment 24,000 75,000 80,000 1 Coverage is limited to 6,000 hours of operation. 0 MPG (3-2 KmpL) SEVERE = LESS THAN 5. A sharp increase in component wear and damage can occur if excessive drain intervals are followed. If the engine is used for short trips, idles a lot, is driven in dusty conditions or has a lot of cold starts, oil change intervals should be shortened. To reduce the potential risk of failures associated with extended oil drain periods; it is recommended that oil drain intervals only be extended based on oil analysis, and subsequent engine inspections. The revised minimum standards for school bus chassis and school bus increasing oil change intervals and reducing. Oil Analysis has proven our filters to be one of the best on the market today. The Cummins OilGuard program allows participating truck owners to safely extend oil change TRANSMSISSION. Annual savings was estimated at over $4,000 for the fleet. 5 - Normal and severe service are defined by the OEM. Children of all ages need to be kept safe in our cars, says MIWA “There are additives in the oil that clean all the crevices in the engine parts. Contact your oil supplier as soon as possible to learn more about how this will impact your oil supply program, inventory and cost. You should always pay close attention to any change to the school bus manufacturer’s engine specific rec- ommended oil requirement and change interval. This revision was based on oil-condition analysis in our four years of experience with this engine. Reference the Maintenance Schedule in the appropriate Owners or Operation and Maintenance Manuals. A study by the Office of Pollution Prevention and Technology Department provides strong evidence that oil analysis programs, higher quality motor oils, and more efficient filters will protect engines from wear and lead to significant cost savings. • after driving for 3 a graph grid in the form set out in the schedule in regulation;. ITEMIZED SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS A. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. intervals that differ from the published recommended fluid change intervals of Allison Transmission. 6 Apr 2018 If your engine takes synthetic oil and can go 10,000 miles between oil changes under normal driving conditions, then your oil is likely fine. account for nearly 6000000000 miles traveled each year. Since the ISL G was introduced in 2007, thousands of truck and bus customers have benefited from the impressive low-end torque, transient response and quiet operation of the ISL G. Many bus operators schedule maintenance by the calendar, such as 3 month intervals. Recommended service intervals for oil changes and filter replacement are 15,000 miles of operation for 30-liter models and 13,000 miles for 28-liter models. NOTE: Change engine oil and filter for the first time after 2,500 miles of operation, then every 12 months/25,000 miles thereafter for school bus engines, or every 12 months/12,500 miles for transit bus or refuse truck engines. Oil Can Henry's, home of the Famous Multi-Point Full-Service Oil Change, provides quick and 08chevy ptown wrote:I find the conventional oil at a cheap price and a good wix filter works perfectly fine at 3000 mile intervals. 9L, or an ISB. (i) Unattended fixed surface facilities shall be protected from public access when located within 1/4 mile of a dwelling, place of business, hospital, school, church, government building, school bus stop, public park, town, city, village, or similarly populated area. Extended oil change intervals make this more of a consumer issue. For complete Preventative Maintenance Guidelines, please refer to your maintenance manual, or for J400 models beginning with unit # 67000, please use our Active Publications Website for current charts. Oil change intervals have been extended from 30,000 to 40,000 km in city traffic and from 50,000 to 80,000 km in coach operation. Oil designed for gas engines have different performance characteristics and can engine damage if used. If diesel engine oil is used, valve torching, piston scuffing and reduction in spark-plug life will occur. However, despite MCI® PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES . A. 1 Aug 2016 I got my bus 2 and a half months ago and ive driven it 3600 miles. If you must cross a street as leave the school bus, be sure to walk in front of the bus (never in back) at a distance of at least 12 feet away from the bus. Periodic maintenance intervals vary depending on engine application, loads, diesel fuel and engine oil used and are hard to establish definitively. Bob is the Oil Guy is the internet's number one motor oil site. using diesel oil only. 3 At idle speed w/ vacuum advance line disconnected and plugged. Oil change intervals on your vehicle are determined by the vehicle's engine oil change monitoring system. I will also claim an additional . CAUTION! Establish a periodic maintenance plan Your diesel oil change frequency will be dictated by an amount of heavy miles you cover and over what time period. 0 L 365 CID V8 International VT365 Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Schedule Checklist Template. There you have it with some basic service procedures on the International MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine. Your Caterpillar® truck engine is an important investment. CSA Standard – D250-07 School Buses A standard issued by the Canadian Standards Association. oil change intervals in order to help maintain adequate seasonally flush the fuel system include school buses. ENGINE OIL CHANGE. 121511 Service Interval-Change Oil Indicator ©2011 Navistar, Inc. But the cost of that offsets the frequency of the oil changes. Guide for School Facility Appraisal A guide that provides a comprehensive method for measuring the quality and educational effectiveness of school facilities. When you buy a Detroit™ product, you’re buying billions of miles of engineering excellence. The Service Interval – Change Oil Indicator feature provides a visual reminder to the operator that the oil change interval has expired and that routine maintenance procedures should be performed. specifications, oil change intervals, coolant system maintenance, and other important maintenance information. Refer to your owner’s manual. On-Site Fleet Service is an authorized Thomas Built Bus warranty center through H. 2. BUS 2. I think it is more important to change the oil at 3000 miles especially in a heavy MH. 0. The EcoLife boasts lower operational costs as well as reduced drive noise with a new integrated torsional damper and helical gearing. Regularly changing your car's engine oil and filter are some of the most important things you can do to keep your car running well. <<International believes the best indicator for oil change interval for buses is engine operating hours. Although the average car’s oil change interval is around 7,800 miles — and as high as 20,000 miles in some cars — this wasteful cycle continues largely because the automotive service industry, while fully aware of the technological advances, continues to preach the 3,000-mile gospel as a way to keep the service bays busy. We take our MH back to the selling dealer,once a year,after we return from our winter travels. 2 percent to 0. You need buses that reach their destinations with ironclad predictability. History, Production Stats & Facts, Engine Specs, VIN Numbers, Colors & Options, Performance & Much More, we cover it all. Starting After Extended Shutdown or Oil Change . 3l Cummins? it is around 23. Oil analysis alone does not provide an indication of the MAINTENANCE PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL BUSES SCHOOL BUS: means a bus that meets the requirements of a Type A1, A2, B, C or D school bus described in CSA Standard D250-2007 and that is used primarily to transport students to and from a school. A message on your instrument panel will alert you when it is necessary to change the oil. The examples may be modified to fit your business needs); and. It is highly recommended that regular service intervals be between 3,000 and 7,500 miles 2 Hit the highway with a new Cat® engine, and you can be sure you’re meeting today’s emissions regulations. Parts & Accessories for Rail. from “ driving" to “on-duty not driving”);. We have built these buses to be easy to maintain and to give you the best performance throughout the life of the vehicle. The articulated buses have been driven an average of 558,000 kms with oil change intervals extended to 78,000 kms while the feeder buses have been driven an average of 800,000 kms with oil change intervals extended to 132,000 kms. It features top-load oil and fuel filters and the longest service intervals in its class, with up to 45,000-mile change intervals. Save 45%. When the oil needs to be changed, an illuminated wrench will appear. 5K and one year between oil changes. Detroit MBE 900. View and Download Blue Bird Q - BUS owner's manual online. Once a fuel card is reported lost or stolen, it is removed from the system. when used with the school bus duty cycle. was the first to market with Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, for School Buses. (The oil change intervals are different. 4 answers 4. MAINTENANCE MADE EASYRoutine oil and filter changes are the only regular preventive maintenance required with an Allison Automatic. USE THIS INFORMATION TO GET TO KNOW YOUR NEW MAXXFORCE ENGINE. It features top-load oil and fuel filters and the longest service intervals in its class, with up to 45,000-mile oil and fuel filter change intervals, or 18 months or 1,500 hours, whichever comes first. If this is done, the cost of oil and filters for the two engines is nearly the same. Proven test have shown that our by-pass filters can also increase fuel mileage up to 3% in most cases. These parameters should be programmed in a  23 Jan 2019 My wife and I have lived in a converted school bus for 365 days now. Do I flush the engine or repeat oil changes every 100 miles for the next 300/400 miles. Stop Changing Your Oil! Stop Changing Your Oil! by Philip Reed, For a midsize SUV, the stepped-up oil change intervals will bring in $1,800 over the life of the car, the article says. If you fail to reset the message then repeat the process. If you’re searching for a partner capable of taking care of all your needs, Rohrer Bus is a go-to source for bus repair and school bus repair services. Check the owner’s manual for your Ford Power Stroke, Chevy Duramax, or Dodge Cummins and see if your truck actually needs a diesel oil change. change of duty status (e. In other cases, the timing chain system might be trouble-free if engine oil specifications and change intervals are followed. Today’s clean-diesel engines, like the Detroit DD5 and DD8, offer the longest service intervals in the industry with up to 45,000-mile* oil and fuel filter change intervals, which means lower There was a major study of oil change intervals in NYC taxis, where they ran 50,000 and 100,000 miles with different oil change intervals. This type of preventive maintenance schedule uses a service interval to determine when maintenance should be performed. ) Type A. This has proven to be a good schedule for us. In the rare event that one is triggered while the bus is in operation, it can be diagnosed immediately over the air, through the addition of Connected Diagnostics. 06 School Bus Driver – Any person transporting students in any vehicle meeting the definition of a school bus that requires the person to hold a commercial drivers license. Districts looking for a safe, easy option for alternatives to diesel are looking to gasoline as their bus of choice. 3) Fill-oil dropped by a 55 gallon drum of oil. Last Revised: . That’s why Allison Transmission revolutionized school bus transportation decades ago when we introduced our fully automatic transmissions to school bus drivers and fleets who know the importance of safety on the road. §396. Please feel free to consult our team of professionals at your full-service Leonard Bus Sales facility for additional recommendations and assistance. the engine oil change reminder light illuminates and can only be reset after an oil change has been made. Coolant is ethylene glycol, red, long life,-65F, ASTM D-6210 amd EC-1 specification. Based on application of  The number of oil changes for propane buses averages three times per year, This school district has 500 square miles of challenging terrain to operate — from   Plus, natural gas' low carbon content translates into longer oil change intervals, less Blue Bird buses are built to pass the industry's most trusted safety tests. The answer is an important one because it affects your operational costs and the environment. Then I will get an email with the oil analysis enclosed. Find an ASE-recognized facility, or browse our virtual library of free materials and money-saving tips on getting the most from your automotive investment. It’s obvious that service intervals has increased due to diesel engine emission technology, cleaner engine oil and diesel fuel products. Home. Track usage. Passenger Rail. There is another way to find out that I don't recommend. The change adds about 35 miles to Furhman's route, which translates to  30 Aug 2019 Carys Jenkins' 11-year-old son Rhys does not qualify for free school transport because he lives within three miles of his secondary school,  Section (2) School Bus Types . I am very impressed with the performance of our V-10 (2006 chassis-2008 coach 32'). Freightliner Custom Chassis offers a variety of choices from the top name in diesel-engine design. (yes I got it to drive). Navistar First To Market With Eaton Procision™ Dual-Clutch Transmissions On International Medium-Duty Trucks And IC Bus™ School Buses change intervals. Rail Cargo. Morning and afternoon routes follow a set schedule, so it's important to make sure your fleet is in  The oil change interval is affected by the . And these are big diesel engines known to last a million It features top-load oil and fuel filters and the longest service intervals in its class, with up to 45,000-mile change intervals. Article The Four Most Common Drawbacks of Electric School Buses  Sixty years ago a truck engine oil drain (or oil change) would have been performed as frequently as every 500 miles. Keep a log of the coolant added to the engine. 22 Mar 2012 Pending new regulations, additives etc. I realize this has been a topic of some debate over the past few years but I need to emphasize the importance of proper oil change intervals. 28, 2007 — ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 2. Here is my problem A very thick sludge came out. In addition to oil, oil filter & fuel filter maintenance, the engine coolant system nitrite level should be checked at the mileage or equivalent hour intervals specified by the maintenance schedule. Key resources, maintenance intervals, aftertreatment performance, and oil and coolant requirements will be covered. Resource Library Western Bus Sales & Service > Parts & Service > Resource Library Filter Results This vehicle maintenance log template was created based on a user's request for a template to keep track of auto repairs and upkeep. The longer, synchronized engine oil change interval in BharatBenz Tractors ensures that your vehicle runs at lower operational costs always. It’s important to consider how the engine is being used, not just how many miles it goes. Knowing how often to change your car oil takes more information than in the past. 3 - Product has excellent performance and is a secondary recommendation. 3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7700, 8500, 8600, MXT, RXT Models Built Oct. I wonder if cars would be better served with addition of hour meters. this school teacher’s son from Bihar BharatBenz expands bus segment; rolls out new 16T intercity coach The coach also offers oil change and gearbox oil change intervals of 100,000 km. • Under no circumstances should oil change intervals exceed 8,000 miles (13 000 km) or six months, which- ever comes first. But in reality, he added, they do need to be changed sooner. used with no change to the oil change interval, but will reduce the service interval of the Cummins Particulate Filter. North America Central School Bus is the fourth largest school bus operator in the U. Since school buses travel at slower speeds, it takes them longer to reach what may be the standard recommended mileage threshold for a change. partnered to offer school buses fueled by propane autogas. Plus, natural gas' low carbon content translates into longer oil change intervals, less engine wear and a longer engine life. “This level of engine technology is a game changer for the pupil transportation market,” said Caley Edgerly, president and CEO, Thomas Built Buses. Cat C13 and C15 Engines with ACERTTM Technology are built to meet the toughest EPA standards for 2007 and beyond, Drivers can do their part to help the environment by simply looking up the recommended oil change intervals for their cars and changing their habits accordingly. The Oil Change Module is designed for stationary applications only. Because of this, the OEM manual should be consulted for maintenance intervals. helped him reach close to 13 miles per gallon -- nearly double the fuel efficiency of a typical diesel school bus. 3000 mile oil changes means the engine could be down 3 of 5 quarts of oil with an owner who never checks their oil. S2C Engines. Synthetic Oil May be used in ISB engine provided they meet performance and chemical requirements. The spool valve and bore tolerances are extremely tight and are measured in . Chassis Maintenance. There are over 140 publications from organizations such as the EPA, US Army, SAE, filter companies, school bus fleet systems, the oil analysis industry pointing to the same conclusion: Oil change intervals can safely be extended with the use of by-pass filtration. I don't think it needs to be synthetic but I wouldn't feel comfortable going that long on dino oil. You can also contact the manufacture of the oil to determine if the oil can be used. As students return to school this month from a long summer off, around 30 million of them will do so on a school bus as part of the largest transportation system in the country. record keeping of all inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, including CVSA and CVIP. The new recommended service intervals for engine oil and filter changes have been increased by 10,000 miles to 45,000 miles for long haul, 35,000 miles for regional haul and 25,000 miles for heavy haul. Coolant leakage can poison the DPF catalyst and/or cause filter plugging. He advised basing oil drain intervals on hours and not miles. Lastly, always be sure to use Diesel Engine Oil. Camshaft: hardened cast iron for improved wear tolerance. These blocked lines can raise the pressure in the crankcase, which may result in those seals leaking oil. this school teacher’s son from Bihar "A larger 18-quart oil pan option allows 25% longer oil change intervals. This vehicle preventive maintenance template gives you a checklist of tasks that are to be performed for maintaining a vehicle such as change of oil, checking the spark plug, etc. It is highly recommended that regular service intervals be between 3,000 and 7,500 miles • Mileage Intervals. – School Bus Wide Ratio 6,7No 300 (224) 550 In the transportation sector, extending oil drain intervals is one way to save money and reduce the generation of used oil, a hazardous waste in California. Extended oil change intervals may cause injector damage that may lead to reduced performance, reduced durability and possibly component failure. 1992 C4 Corvette Ultimate Guide. transit bus intervals by  OIL CHANGE INTERVALS . The change interval is based on a Blank: Interval-Based Schedule. 550 HOURS. School Bus Maintenance Matters The cost of wholesale propane falls between the price of oil and natural gas, the fuel’s two sources. COMMERCIAL SCHOOL BUS: “Commercial School Bus” Change your vehicle’s oil if it has been six months since your last oil change, even if the oil change indicator message is NOT illuminated. and change. 7 Low Back Vinyl Bench Seats Buses & Shuttles Bus HVAC Systems Shuttle/School Bus HVAC Systems Rail . The internal sump filter and The oil fill caps on most vehicles now say 5W20, IMO that is like pouring water into your engine. 0L Fleetguard Spin-On Combination Oil Filter LF9009. The scheduled oil change interval depends on the size of the oil sump. ) Vehicles in which 0w-20 is an option to 5w-20 mineral oil, (or 5w-30), will continue to require 5,000-mile/6-month oil change intervals, even if 0w-20 oil is used. They tore down the engines and measured metal loss in the bearings, etc. This With over 25 years of CNG experience, Blue Bird is familiar with not only your infrastructure needs, but also what it takes to make a successful CNG product- and with partners like Ford and ROUSH CleanTech, you can rest assured the Vision CNG bus is an excellent, green choice for your fleet. Definitions are: 3. 4 In "Drive" position. 6 MONTHS. Operating under the names N C Machinery, N C Power Systems, and N C The Cat Rental Store, N C offers Caterpillar® and other preferred brand equipment and power systems sales, parts, service and rentals. and understand the school bus chassis and its compo- intervals regardless of what the gauge reads. 1 Jun 2018 We service Thomas mini bus, school bus, Mccoy Miller ambulance, and we're the our facilities for servicing at manufacturer's recommended intervals, you'll keep Engine oil and filter changes; Tire rotations; Flushing and  21 Aug 2013 We received new International buses recently powered with Maxxforce 7 diesel engines and since they Engine oil and filter change interval:. While I concur with R&D results over the years with respect to oil change intervals, I am still squeamish about leaving petroleum-based oil in an engine for 7500 miles. Report lost, damaged, or stolen fuel cards to Wheels Fuel Card Customer Service at 1-800-937-8149 immediately. How Long Can Oil Change Intervals Last? Back in the 1950s, a truck would need an oil change every 500 miles or less. 0005" of an inch. my oil was freash on purchase and ive noticed it is  26 Mar 2018 A more expensive, fully synthetic oil option formulated for diesel engines will allow you to go as much as 10,000 miles between changes. NOTE: Blue Bird Vision bus with 6. Less oil by volume than diesel; No additional diesel emission fluids; No extra  Cummins offers the PowerDrive™ 7000 EV to rapidly enable school bus No engine oil changes; No engine air filter change; No smog check/testing; No spark or change associated with transmission; Brake pad change interval gets much   Programmable Parameters. • Battery powered electric AVERAGE MILES PER GALLON. As previously mentioned, the frequency of oil change recommendations are usual based on how severe the operating conditions are. Buy Napa 6870 Gold Air Filter Fits International Buses, Trucks: For OEM Air Filter Change Intervals. Additional oil in the sump means that the additive package can keep protecting your engine components longer. Tech. Table A: Oil Change Intervals and Specifications for All Rear Drive Axles Vocation or Vehicle Operation Linehaul Intercity Coach City Delivery, School Bus, Fire Truck, Motorhome Construction, Transit Bus, Refuse, Yard Tractor, Logging, Heavy Haul, Mining, Oil Field, Rescue Initial Oil Change Not required Check Oil Level Add the correct type and I understand that oil and filter changes on diesels can be costly (but so can overhauls). The decision to further increase the oil drain intervals will be based on periodic reviews of the oil analysis data, which is an integral part of the data-driven methodology After a leisurely summer, children may forget to be cautious when boarding and getting off buses or crossing the street. Route pipes and cables away from heat sources and moving components. Whichever way your market might go, pay attention to how the workflow through your service bays is changing because the only constant in today’s automotive service market is change itself. Exhaust system maintenance, including the muffler and a catalytic converter, are simply not found in electric vehicles either. The good news is that it’s probably less often. 5 mpg increase and running cooler with the synthetic. School Bus, Fire Truck, Motorhome Construction, Transit Bus, Refuse, Yard Tractor, Logging, Heavy Haul, Mining, Oil Field, Rescue Initial Oil Change Not required Check Oil Level Add the correct type and amount of oil as required. DeHart. High efficiency (HE) oil filters, which clean motor oil better than standard filters, extend the useful life of engine oil. When the oil becomes saturated with soot particles and is unable to suspend any more, the particles remain on the engine parts. Anyone know what the proper service intervals are for an older dt466 like mine?? oil and filter change, fuel filters, air filters etc?? My 466 has 2 oil filters, 2 fuel filters, a water sperater and big air filter. were changing for 2010. Eaton extends fluid service interval for school bus transmissions line of medium-duty dual clutch transmissions for school bus applications that will lower fluid and filter change of $250 Oil Wetted Polyurethane - Service every 12,000 miles. Easily accessible integral and spin-on oil filters reduce labor costs and valuable downtime. Transmission protection and fluid change intervals can be optimized by the use of fluid analysis. Marine . 4% 2) Drain intervals changed to once a year with 10,000 to 15,000 miles on each bus. It had fresh oil approximately 3000 miles ago but, sadly, has not been driven - or even started - for more than a year. Many years ago after serious testing, oil sampling, etc I started using engine hours of operation as the determining factor for changing engine oil. A contributing factor to stiction is poor oil quality, contaminated oil and extended oil change intervals. qts with the filter. Blue Bird only recommends the use of Motorcraft 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Blend motor oil and to follow the oil change interval of every six The number of quarts per oil change is a valid comparison if the oil change intervals are the same. Check engine oil 10 minutes after engine shutdown to allow for proper oil drain back into the oil pan. We have fleets on the east-coast extending their oil change intervals up to 100,000 miles and keeping their equipment healthy and running longer. A “granny” driver may never turn the oil pressure light on when driving. How to Reset the Service Interval (Oil Change) Light with MaxxForce Engines The "Change Oil" message should clear from the odometer window. Problem: The bus is parked in an extremely confined space, and needs to be moved to change the oil - or at least started, aired up and blocked. Fire Truck, Bus and RV Warranty1 Application Years Miles Fire Truck and EMS 5 150,000 School Bus and RV* 5 Unlimited* may indicate mixing of crankcase oil with the fuel. For further details on current service requirements, If my 2003 SUV requires synthetic oil, can I use conventional or high mileage oil instead? Follow . One gauge of the economics of an While operating conditions may require more or less frequent fluid change intervals, we have designed extensive specifications and testing programs to ensure our recommendations closely match today’s operating environments. S. Air Conditioning Service; General Truck Repair; Tune Ups; Oil Change & Lubrication . 5 Mar 2019 Maintenance for propane school buses includes consistent oil and filter changes, and fueling at routine service intervals. Find aftermarket and OEM parts online or at a local store near you. For this reason I have selected mileage for both my car and my coach to change oil. 1–1. 1: Unscheduled Maintenance. With every oil change we take oil samples and send them out to a lab. Advances in modern engines and improved oil formulas have made the 3,000-mile oil change obsolete. Cummins will be providing an overview of best practices for maintaining and troubleshooting your School Bus. My Rav4 uses 0w20 with 10k oil change intervals. Massachusetts public school students are leading the nation in reading and math and are at the top internationally in reading, science, and math according to the national NAEP and international PISA assessments. How to Change the Oil in Your Car. E CAUTION: Check the dip-stick seal. 23 Jul 2019 But a change in school bus law aims to eliminate those dangers. If you are too close to the front of the bus, the driver will not be able to see you, and a serious accident Making the change! Extending oil change intervals safely— a step-by-step approach 1) Select a few vehicles that can be easily monitored. The CE Series was engineered from the tires up to withstand the rigors of daily use and get your passengers there on time, every time. See your Owner’s Manual for additional details on engine oil. These particles are what makes the oil turn darker. 2017 Mazda CX-3 models equipped with the Engine Oil Flexible Maintenance system will alert drivers when the oil needs to be replaced. Examples include an oil change that occurs every 3000 miles or an inspection that occurs every 30 days. (2) Deep oil sump. N C Machinery is the authorized Caterpillar® Dealer for Alaska and western/central Washington. INTERVAL. You oil change interval seems about right, but I'd consider going even just a bit sooner given how much driving and start/stop you do. In any case, oil ­filters must be able to endure modern extended oil change intervals. Extended Motor Oil Service Intervals (High efficiency oil filter study). It starts with a selection of test vehicles and a monitoring program with regular submission of engine data and oil samples for analysis, covering a minimum of two oil change intervals. Change Intervals. Using a substandard or non-OE equivalent filter simply ­defeats the purpose of using an OE-­licensed engine oil. This type of preventive maintenance schedule entails Maintenance considerations – handling maintenance of vehicles with different fuel systems and storage tanks, which impact oil-change intervals and the useful life of an engine; Regulatory requirements – addressing regulatory pressure through cleaner vehicle technology and fuels The International DT466 diesel engine has a 28- or 30-liter engine oil capacity depending on model. Oil change (contact MAP) Maintenance (contact MAP). A diesel oil change estimate should be obtained before you take your vehicle in. Compressed Natural Gas Both engines feature a reliable aftertreatment system and some of the longest service intervals in their class with up to 45,000-mile** oil and fuel filter change intervals. (Oil Change, Greasing, etc. The following should be treated only as a general guideline. . vehicles indicates that longer oil change intervals can be adopted for CNG vehicles. As maintenance schedules and procedures vary from fleet to fleet, cost savings for longer oil change intervals will not be considered here, other than to note that it is possible to extend these maintenance intervals. Coolant: Monitor coolant consumption. ALSO READ: Get up close and personal with your car. I drove it 750 miles and change the oil. I've read before that Oil from cars is a huge pollution issue and hence the longer intervals vs North America, but someone somewhere has to be getting bad info, because 10,000 mile once a year intervals is much different than 5,000 miles or 6 months. 23 Apr 2019 A diesel school bus that travels 8. 3116 and 3126 HEUI Truck Engines Engine Oil and Oil Filter – Change (1) Shallow oil sump. [. Owners whose engines idle more than 30% of the time should use the next shorter oil and filter change interval, Mack stated. 5. 0 MPG (LESS THAN 2 KmpL) Change Engine Oil and Filter† Part # 3007498C93 40,000 Miles/64,400 km 30,000 Miles/48,300 km The EcoLife was launched in anticipation of Euro 6 and EPA 2010 emission standards in Europe and North America, respectively. We recommend that you proactively schedule and record service at optimum intervals and have routine maintenance performed at a Freightliner location. Leave the bus quickly but in a courteous manner without pushing other students. A. 7 quarts of oil. An oil change typically costs $20-$55, depending on whether the work is performed at an independent shop, an oil-change retail chain or a dealership, and the number of quarts of oil used in the vehicle. 5 miles per gallon will cost with up to 45,000- mile* oil and fuel filter change intervals, which means lower  Despite the favorable attributes of natural gas vehicles, CNG school buses face significant obstacles in . The operation from the time the cruise is turned on for the second time to the fifth activation of the resume switch must take place within six seconds. We can handle any type of bus repair or service, from a simple oil change to performing a major engine overhaul. Higher power output, the same low fuel consumption, longer oil-change intervals and a high safety level are some of the features that characterise the new chassis models. It’s a big responsibility to ensure the safety of school children. Looking for an opportunity to accelerate your potential? Join the Valvoline Instant Oil Change℠ team! We offer full-time and part-time positions with flexible schedules, a supportive environment and lots of promotion opportunities. Plus, the DD5 and DD8 feature top-load oil and fuel filters for easier serviceability. The following programmable parameters are related to the service interval feature. ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluids As automatic transmissions become more complex there’s a need for more technologically advanced fluids to ensure vehicle reliability. That translates into an extra 5,000 miles (8,000 km) between oil and oil filter changes. ) (2) Where can I go on-line to get service info. CNG stations are opening across the country. 27 Aug 2017 More than 80 technicians have been working on the school buses in they have gone up to 5,000 miles by the time they get an oil change and  Provincial School Buses. Capacity. JG Lubricant Services understands the importance of reliable school bus transportation. • Mileage Intervals. School Bus When needs exceed resources, a local board may request that a school bus be added to the state replacement schedule. School Bus Parts. The Melrose-Mindoro School District, located north of Milwaukee in Melrose, Wisconsin, has been able to cut maintenance costs for its school buses by switching to synthetic lubricants. Just like a car or truck that runs on gas, diesel engines require the proper lubrication to keep them in good working order. Changing Engine Oil and Filter. Fleet Service Intervals. Article courtesy ImportCar. V-6 diesel = 14 Qts I-5 diesel = 10 Qts, I-4 diesel = 13 Qts. 08 ANTIFREEZE,ES COMPLEAT OAT Products: BBCV, T3FE, T3RE, Y3FE, Y3RE, S3FE Usage: Activity, Canada School Bus, Export, School Bus ANTIFREEZE, ES COMPLEAT OAT ES OAT for Cummins. One critical step that must be taken to reduce injector stiction is proper engine maintenance, especially engine oil and filter service. On-Site Fleet Service, School Bus Maintenance services. 2 View location details, address, phone number, and more for our Indianapolis, IN Brookville Rd branch. Lube oil: Change the lube oil at mileage intervals indicated by the engine manufacturer. The Volvo B8R and Volvo B8RLE replace the top-selling Volvo B7R and B7RLE, which saw a production run exceeding 40,000 units and sales in 65 countries. 4 Years of Warranty The BharatBenz Tractors come with 4 years of drivetrain warranty ensuring your peace of mind and stress free operation of your business. Only an estimated 16% of DPF's need to be baked. 14,132 likes · 4 talking about this. 3L & ISL 9. The drain interval may be altered depending upon severity of service and experience with specific oil or based on the recommenda- tions and used oil analysis provided by oil suppliers. For school bus operations as well as for busy city and intercity traffic, a Volvo is the safer choice. • the date; . In addition to the safety hazards posed, school zone traffic violations can cost both time and money. Thanks to improvements in filter technology, engines and fuel quality, modern trucks can drive up to 50,000 miles on the same oil drain interval. How much an oil change should cost. The following tables are given only as a general guide for fluid and filter change intervals. Severe Duty Maintenance Items Miles Detroit Diesel Part Oil & Filter Change 6,000 Miles Detroit Diesel Genuine Oil Fuel Filter Change 18,000 Coolant Test 6,000 Miles specifications, oil change intervals, coolant system maintenance, and other important maintenance information. ABOUT THIS MANUAL This handbook is a mechanic’s reference for maintaining, removing, or installing the 3000 and 4000 Product Families on-highway transmission with a WTEC III She added that vehicle owners need to understand that even if the vehicle isn’t driven much it needs to have an oil change every year. Q - BUS Automobile pdf manual download. Using oil other than recommended, or oil and filter change intervals longer than recommended, could reduce engine life. The emergence of smaller vehicle engines with turbochargers sometimes require full-synthetic motor oil, which could increase oil change costs. The oil grades CC, CD, CE, CF, CG-4, and CF-4 have been obsoleted by API and must not be used. transmission in city bus applications. Serpentine Belts. Ysleta ISD’s Transportation Supervisor, Frances Yepez, indicated that the school district is interested in using propane for its environmental benefits, as well as its financial benefits. Report Abuse. Rail Maintenance Programs. It has all the requested features, including columns for the date of service, work performed, mileage at service, and cost. Bibb County School District has made a commitment to continue its move away from diesel. Your owner’s manual will tell you which industry specification, type and grade of oil the manufacturer specifies, and we’ve also made it quick and easy to see all your options and make the right choice with our Oil Selector tool. School bus drivers have enough to pay attention to without being concerned about engine fault codes. ENGINE / EMISSION CONTROL MODULE IN-CAB SYSTEM DISPLAY (ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS) and emissions control with longer oil change intervals. The school district maintenance department was charged with looking to extend the change intervals for the engine oil and reduce replacement part expenditures for grease lubricated components (tie rods). Most bus operators change oil earlier than the manufacturer's recommended intervals, as a conservative approach, in recognition of the unique low speed operation. assumes responsibility for oil change intervals. For example, I drive a school bus part time and the oil change intervals are every 1,000 miles because of the CONSTANT start/stop nature of their usage. Stretch the intervals too far and you risk shortening the engine’s operating life and suffering the cost of early unscheduled overhauls. this publication for engine oil type and viscosity grade recommendations. A single breakdown at the wrong time, an accident, or an incident can negatively impact your business, resulting in unhappy customers and bad publicity as well as hefty fines and legal action. Today’s 7000 mile oil changes means that same driver has a seized engine at 4500 miles. Behind the Wheel? Trust the Seal. Plus, the oil and fuel filters are positioned above the frame rails for easier, faster and cleaner filter changes. Drivers must obey school bus stop signs and keep an eye out for our young citizens. I change the oil every 3000 miles and must say that all of the oils seems to do their jobs very well. Today, the ISL G meets current U. These tiny particles do not harm your engine. The goal of the Massachusetts public K-12 education system is to prepare all students for success after high school. GALESBURG, MI … Power management company Eaton has announced an extension to its fluid lubrication service maintenance interval for its Procision line of medium-duty dual clutch transmissions for school bus applications that will lower or even eliminate fluid changes. Fortunately, with the current oil change intervals the oil is changed long before the oil is saturated. • engine oil change interval Cursor (+50%) • engine oil change interval Tector (+60%) • particle filter change interval (+300%) • engine air and hydrostatic filter change interval (+50%) 2-year parts & labor and 5-year rust-thru warranties Integration of LED lighting: 5x longer life span, 70% less electrical consumption. 5 MPG – 5. Oil level should read between the “Min” and “Max” levels. 27 Aug 2019 Downtime isn't an option for school bus fleets. As for oil changes, spark plugs and wires and air/fuel filters, these maintenance items are a thing of the past in electric cars because they don’t have these parts. You are likely to have chosen it for its superior performance and reliability—and at T&E, our goal is to ensure that your engine continues to run optimally, regardless of age or miles. com Buy enough to get free shipping which by the time you get all you filters ( including generator ) and a spare set of fuel filters to carry with (However, you should continue to check the oil level regularly and top off if needed. Our engineers work to bring you the most fuel-efficient, reliable semi trucks for sale. “If you’re running to the music lesson, to school, the The result is an anticipated improvement of 0. Getting it right at every oil change is essential. Joing the discussion as our knowledge base expands to help you with your motor oil needs. I change my MH oil annually and use Mobil 1 all the time. testing and plans to extend their oil drain intervals on both the motor coaches and school buses throughout the fleet. The state will pay for the operation of a temporary bus (Status L, loaner) as long as the local board commits to the purchase of a new bus by submitting a letter requesting such <<Oh, by the way, the change interval on the T444E has been recently increased from the 8000 miles that Cummins discussed to 10000 miles. back to support by model Maintenance Intervals. , and found, as I recall, virtually no difference when oil changed less frequently (6K miles vs. I haven't had to change it yet but places like Autozone sell synthetic and a filter for $30 so it doesn't really cost more than going 5k miles on dino oil. management. The operation . In a branding change, from 2010 onward, Navistar badged the International 3200 (the cutaway-cab version of . has dips or low spots, oil is able to collect and pool, leading to blocked lines. Our vehicles travel over 40,000,000 miles each year taking students to and from school. I run ~50k oil change intervals on synthetic, so the filter gets changed along with the oil. Should not be used in a new engine until the first oil change interval mileage is reached. Lubrication, Oil, and Filter Changes Policy: Chassis lubrication will be performed at each preventative maintenance inspection. Require technicians to post on a board the pre-scheduled safety inspections and projected preventative maintenance intervals weekly with an indicator of completion. ive heard all the wait for 10k oil change, I’ve got 4K on mine now and taking a 10hr ride from nyc to South Carolina for a camping trip. I have several questions: (1) Can you tell me if it is a B 5. Oil Bath - Change oil at regular engine oil change intervals . 2010 MAXXFORCE ® 11L & 13L SERVICE INTERVALS* 13 - MAXXFORCE 11L & 13L S FUEL ECONOMY LIGHT = 6. The Oil Change Module is an oil removal product only, a separate device, like the REN OIL REGULATOR, must be installed to replenish the oil in the crankcase. The "Change Oil" message should clear from the odometer window. Inspect the transmission filter for damage or corrosion during all preventative maintenance checks. You should change you oil at least once a year, so if you run less than than 15000 miles you can save a little money using a good brand name diesel oil ( sams club sells Shell Rotella T) and buying your filters online from someone like truckhelp. "A few related to oil change intervals: using oil analysis, Northside ISD has been able to lengthen the oil change intervals for its propane buses. A synthetic diesel oil change, under the right conditions, can last a very long time NOTE: Change fluid/filters at or before recommended mileage, months, or hours have elapsed, whichever occurs first. When enabled, the vehicle will calculate the remaining oil life of the car based on operating conditions. Maybe I'm old school, but being a mechanic I know that over time (miles) parts wear regardless of how well you take care of them, so my reasoning for 10W40 or 20W50 is just for added protection. • Incorrect service intervals, use of unapproved fluid types or the use of non geniune service parts may invalidate any potential warranty claim. How often for an oil change for a 1998 International 4700 DT466E box Truck DT466e oil change interval is 10,000 miles, sooner if you are dong severe duty such as "Since 2010, Lima International Bus 1SA has utilized puraDYN filters on 81 articulated and 56 feeder buses. School Bus and Delivery Vehicle. 20,000 MILES. drive it twice the recommended interval and have an oil sample analyzed to see if it's breaking down. 6. That’s what is used to determine our maintenance intervals. FEATURES Calibrated in gallons, quarts and liters operating parameters — oil level, oil life, filter life oil change intervals for most applications. The Oil Can Henry's. If the engine utilizes a sealed dip-stick, make sure the seal is intact or oil may be forced out of the engine at that point. BUS 3. Which includes Service intervals for other fluids, coolants and filters can be 2 or more times longer for As an example, an oil change for a Blue Bird Propane Vision uses 7 quarts. * Whichever  28 Jan 2017 The American School Bus Council estimates that school buses in the U. 56 This new engine delivers power, performance, best-in-class fuel economy, reliability, easier maintenance and a low total cost of ownership. Average cost per bus (includes oil and filter). With horsepower ratings up to 300, Cummins engines provide durability and lower maintenance costs through an excellent balance of low-end torque and high-end acceleration. Advertisement Does the propane powered bus have the same acquisition cost as a diesel powered bus? Diesel Fuel Lubricity of Diesel Fuel Handling and Storing Diesel Fuel Dieselscan Fuel Analysis Bio-Diesel Fuel Minimizing the Effect of Cold Weather on Diesel Engines Diesel Engine Break-In Oil Diesel Engine Oil Extended Diesel Engine Oil Service Intervals Mixing of Lubricants OILSCAN™and COOLSCAN™ Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants * The following amounts of oil will be included in your Sprinter oil change kit. And not only is that school bus yellow, but it is the exact same hue of yellow How much does Oil Change cost? Get an estimate instantly. Engine serial number per Freightliner is 56949767. Forward Mounted Intake System Standard Emission Control Silicon Carbide DPF and Catalytic Converter Emission Level ADR 80/03 - JP05 MODEL LENGTH (m) CONFIGURATION School Bus 25 Seat Automatic BE64DJRMBFAF(S) 7. • Information is correct at time of publication and subject to change without notice. Do not use diesel engine oil in a natural gas engine. 2) Gather vehicle history data such as oil consumption, current oil change interval, and vehicle driving condition information. Our Sprinter Oil Change Kit contains everything you need to keep your Sprinter diesel engine running smoothly with lower consumption, fewer emissions and greater performance. 3K miles). Drivers must provide the vehicle number and verify the address to which the replacement card will be mailed. Try it now. That will help your engine get the full benefit of synthetic oil. Still, the average oil change interval for a truck is about 25,000 miles. Review lube/oil change intervals by spot checking the vehicle records system. This is on Today, we’ll be showing you how often you should be taking your Mazda vehicle in for an oil change! Why is 3,000 miles between oil changes the accepted rule? Before engineers figured out that they could make motor oil out of synthetic materials, old motor oil used to build up and corrode, leaving nasty sludge in car engines. With few filters and lower oil consumption, oil change intervals are increased. Engine oil and filter changes will be monitored through preventative maintenance records for change intervals. Your definitive guide to Oil Change. 3000 School Bus 6. The inspection, repair, and maintenance intervals are to be determined by the motor carrier. When to change the oil in your school bus engine is a controversial question. One year after switching over to the Schaeffer oil, he ran a review and found the following: 1) Fuel economy increased fleet-wide by 6. 7. For shuttle bus manufacturers, power and efficiency are crucial. 15-40 cummins or rotella oil, check it after running engine. Oil change intervals are extended and many critical Power Systems - On-Highway KEEPING YOU MOVING. For example, fleets desiring an 80,000-mile oil change interval will be required to submit samples every 10,000 miles. Because of higher quality lubricants,   Keywords: motor oil, change interval, lubricant analysis, lubricant quality, diagnostics the setting of oil change intervals in buses. International With a clean-diesel school bus, not only will you have peace of mind with reliable buses on the road, you’ll also save money on maintenance costs. It’s powered by vegetable oil to reduce his impact on the environment and the emissions that are contributing to climate change. SEE OPERATORS MANUAL FOR RECOMMENDED OIL CHANGE INTERVALS. TranSynd® TES 295 transmission fluid greatly extends oil change intervals. Quality commercial semi trucks for sale, turn to Freightliner Trucks. Nissan Titan XD Cummins engine oil temperature rating The number of inspection intervals can be more or less than described in the Options below. Plate Type Engine Oil Cooler Air Cleaner Dry Paper Element. Anecdotal  Low prices on Oil Filter for your IC Corporation RE School Bus at Advance Auto Parts. Regular chassis maintenance is imperative to keeping your coach safe and reliable for years to come. Overall, maintenance for the ISL G is similar to that of diesel engines, but there are a few key differences: Motor oil specifically formulated for natural gas engines is required. I figure an engine needs oil it doesn't care what kind it gets it just needs it and needs it changed. One hour at recommended maximum working rpm with everything calibrated off that. 3 percent in an engine’s fuel economy, and longer oil change intervals. Photo by Erwin  BLUE BIRD (BBCV) VISION w/CUMMINS DIESEL. 1, 2005 to Feb. longer oil change intervals as well. Transmission Oil Filters Transmission oil filters are required for all 2050 lb-ft and 2250 lb-ft rated transmission models, and for all Procision™ models. Everything you need to know about maintenance for propane powered pickup trucks stay with the traditional oil change intervals, the same as you have for gas and diesel powered models, at least As students return to school this month from a long summer off, around 30 million of them will do so on a school bus as part of the largest transportation system in the country. 4 - Drain intervals may be further extended in accordance with oil analysis or OEM recommendations. e. The mileage I selected are well within and much less than guidelines. Collect and test oil needed for shuttle and school bus, urban transit, vocational and medium-duty truck and tractor applications. While oil-drain intervals have increased, the proliferation of smaller displacement engines in many fleet applications is putting pressure on fleet managers to use synthetic oil to maximize engine life. Production of Vortec 8100s with GF-4 begin in fall 2004, ahead of an industry recommendation of April 30, 2005. Blue Bird's popular Vision Gasoline buses are taking the industry by storm, with over 4,000 sold since 2016. BUS 1. I have the dealer change the oil with full synthetic,not sure what brand they use. Car makers address this problem by recommending “hard use” maintenance intervals…instead of installing an hour gauge. He said Spartan had used the severe duty i. alert relevant parties when it's time to change the oil, rotate the tires, or have an inspection. Delvac 1, a synthetic engine oil developed by Mobil Oil Corporation, has extended oil change intervals, as has Mobilube SHC, a synthetic lubricant for With propane autogas, the return on investment is usually experienced within a few years, due to fuel and maintenance savings throughout the life of the bus. 5 MPG OR HIGHER (MORE THAN 4 KmpL) MODERATE = 6. Oil is oil and always has been it has become even better over the years. Extended oil intervals With the Volvo B8R, you can stay longer on the road. Of I flush what do Learning Life Skills on the School Bus Federal law requires that these students be provided with rides to and from school, and the yellow school bus is a vital part of educating those same children on how to rely on public, mass-transit services. And not only is that school bus yellow, but it is the exact same hue of yellow I have a Cummins in a Freightliner Custom Chassis for a motorhome. school bus oil change intervals

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